The Hypervelocity Impact Symposium (HVIS) is a biennial event organized by the Hypervelocity Impact Society that serves as the principal forum for the discussion, interchange, and presentation of the physics of high- and hypervelocity impact and related technical areas. It is intended for scientists, engineers, and technical managers from the academia, industry, government, and defense programs. The HVIS Symposia have a long-standing international reputation as a catalyst for stimulating research in this area through a wealth of oral and poster presentations, and commercial exhibits. The Symposium's proceedings are the major archival source of papers published in this field.

Who Should Attend?

Scientists, engineers and technical managers from academia, industry, government and defense programs.

Organizing Committee

Symposium Chair

Dr. Angela Stickle

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Dr. Leslie Lamberson

Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Andrew Tonge

Army Research Laboratory

Commercial Exhibits Coordinator

Dr. Bill Reinhart

Sandia National Labs

Logistics Operations:

Cheryl Williams

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

HVIS Board of Directors

Shannon Ryan

David Crawford

Bill Schoenberg

Todd Bjerke

Gene Hertel

David Littlefield

Bill Reinhart

James Wilbeck

Symposium Topics:

  • Analytical and Numerical Methodologies
  • Armor/Anti Armor and Ballistic Technology
  • Asteroid Impact and Planetary Defense Technology
  • Fracture and Fragmentation
  • High-velocity Launchers and diagnostics
  • High-velocity Penetration Mechanics and Target Response
  • Hypervelocity Phenomenology Studies
  • Material Response (including EOS)
  • Spacecraft/meteoroid Debris Shielding and Failure Analyses
  • Theoretical Applied Mechanics Relevant to Hypervelocity Impact
  • Special Session: State-of-the-art Experiments Enabling Advances in State-of-the-art Models


September 18-22, 2022

Key Dates

Abstract Deadline:

February 10, 2022

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Nomination due March 1, 2022

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Registration will open in the Spring of 2022.
Logistics and more detailed information can be found on the website. We look forward to abstracts from community members and commercial exhibitors. We encourage wide community participation and look forward to an exciting and productive symposium.